Kate Farina – Reel of Paley Center Work from Kate Farina on Vimeo. Password: paley2515

Just what does “Public Programs Coordinator” mean?

From 2007 to 2012 I worked in the Public Programs department of The Paley Center for Media (formerly known as The Museum of Television & Radio).
We presented programs including:

  • panel discussions with casts and creative teams of current television series
  • documentary screenings (and discussions with filmmakers and film subjects)
  • one-on-one interviews
  • discussions covering specific topics in media (usually featuring clips from our collection)
My role was to:
  • help develop ideas for events
  • get in touch with the right people to make them happen
  • manage all the logistics (point person for internal staff/external partners, creating timelines and memos)
  • execute the events on-site (brief the participants, give cues to start and wrap up the program)
I also worked on the post-production side:
After the event, the tech staff got right to work editing a nice, clean version of the event, which would become part of Paley’s permanent collection and would be viewable in the library.

Sometimes these recordings are licensed for use as extra material on a DVD set (i.e. House Season Six on DVD). Some full-length events were made available on iTunes, Xune, or Amazon. Paley has channels on Hulu and Youtube where you can find 4-6 minute clips from their most popular events.

I helped select the events that have the most drawing power online. I watched through the tape and segmented the 90 minute program into as many good 4-6 minute clips as possible and created the very detailed metadata necessary for upload to Hulu.

The spreadsheets and video files get sent to Hulu and I manually uploaded them to YouTube. I also monitored comments and answered questions on our YouTube channel and rotate the content on the home page so it remained fresh.